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All you need to know about the WhatsApp new ‘Unsend’ message feature

Wanna to know the new WhatsApp message feature ‘Unsend’ and how to use in iPhone, Android and Windows devices? Sounds good. The popular messaging app WhatsApp is testing a new feature called unsend in a new beta release of WhatsApp Web version 0.2.4077. With the new WhatsApp message feature, which will allow users to unsend sent messages within a five-minute time frame.

New WhatsApp message feature Unsend in the beta version

As per reports, the messaging app has long been rumoured to be rolling out a new ‘unsend’ feature that would allow users to revoke and edit already sent messages.

With the new WhatsApp update, users can share multiple contacts in one go while chatting. Earlier, WhatsApp had allowed sharing of only one contact while chatting and users had to attach and send contacts on separate chats.

Apart from that, WhatsApp is also testing new shortcuts for formatting text on a beta version of the app on Android. In the beta version, the app displays a full range of formatting options—Bold, italic, strikethrough, when an excerpt of text is selected.

As of now, all the three formatting of a text can only be obtained through selective commands.  To make bold, user needs to put text in between two asterisks (*), like *this*. To italicise underscore ( _ ) is used, like _this_ and to strikethrough a message, tildes (~) are used, like ~this~.

Since both the features are currently under test, they are expected to feature in the app anytime soon with the future updates.

Moreover, WhatsApp is coming into digital payment services in India that will be supported by BHIM platform.

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