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How to Set time limits for how long your kids can use the Windows 10 device

Wanna to manage the time limits for my kids to spend on Windows 10 devices? Sounds good. Sure will help you in this regard. Once you set up the family Accounts for all the adults and children in Windows 10 device, you can set limits what the kids can do on a single Windows 10 machine using Screen time option available. All you need to know about the Windows 10 Screen Time option.

With Windows 10, you can perform the following tasks on your kids’ accounts:

1. Set time limits for how long your kids can use the device.

2. View activity reports about what your kids are doing on the device, such as purchasing apps and searching the web.

3. Set age limits for apps, games, videos, movies, and TV shows.

4. Give your kids money so they can buy stuff in the Windows and Xbox stores without need of a credit card.

5. Locate your kids on a map if they’re using a Windows 10 mobile phone.

Once the family account used to set up the PC is already part of the device’s family, so you now need to add the other people in your family. Let’s go through the steps for setting up the Windows 10 kids features.

Manage Windows 10 Screen Time Settings for Family Child Accounts: Steps to follow

Step 1-

In Windows 10, click on Settings > Accounts > Family & other people > Add a family member.

Step 2-

Once you added, the Family & other people screen now shows the new account.

Step 3-

Next, click or tap on the “Screen time” link for your child’s account to manage how long and when your child can use the device.

Step 4-

Choose the daily allowance and allowed times your child can use their devices.

Now successfully, you turned on screen time and you can start manage Screen time Settings for your Family child.

How To Turn Off Screen time in Windows 10 for Family Child

In Windows 10, Click/tap on Screen time on the left side. Now you can turn off Set limits for when my child can use devices on the right side.

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